Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Telescape plays live at Other Cinema 15th April 2006

Click here to listen to 20 mins of the mix

As writte up in the Bay Guardian:




"Darwin vs. the Creationists"

Are you sick, sick, sick of public schools, universities, and museums carrying on the "godless indoctrination" known as evolutionary theory? If so, best steer clear of Other Cinema's program "Darwin vs. the Creationists," where your views will be snarked at — hard. On the side of sanity, there will be an extra-rare screening of Evolution, the 1923 oddity by future animators Max Fleischer (Betty Boop, Popeye) and Willis O'Brien (the original King Kong) that uses nature footage, stop-action dinos, and title cards to explain how the solar system, Earth, planetary life, and man got where they are today. This quaint but still pretty dang solid overview will be accompanied live by audio collagist David Cox. On the "creation science" side you'll get various eye-opening, prayer-inducing treats, including excerpts from 1988's "documentary" The Evolution Conspiracy (see evidence tying it to New Agers, Communism, and — horror — the ACLU!) alongside 1980 fundamentalist post-rapture thriller Image of the Beast, which proves that computers are Satan's toolbox. Plus Pat Robertson, Christian wrestling, and more. (Dennis Harvey)

8:30 p.m.

Artists' Television Access

992 Valencia, SF


(415) 824-3890


And the write up at


It is certainly too bad when our academic institutions are threatened by retrograde superstition…as if some forces in our society were afraid to accept the fact that humans are also part of the animal kingdom. Around the time of the Scopes trial, Max Fleischer turned his considerable talents from Betty Boop and Popeye to advancing an enlightened view of human development. Here’s the premiere revival of his legendary 1923 masterwork, Evolution, a courageous cinematic initiative, that in fact includes stop-motion dinosaur footage from Willis O’Brien, projected in gloriously tinted 16mm, with musical accompaniment by David Cox! We open with a newsreel from that infamous “Monkey Trial,” plus a Joseph Campbell clip on genesis myths and—believe it or not—a crackpot Fundamentalist screed, The Evolution Conspiracy. PLUS a collection-plate of assorted religious anomalies, including Pat Robertson, Satanic backward-masking, and a sneak peek at Wandering Eye’s new doc on Christian wrestling, Taking Satan to the Mat!! A portion of the proceeds goes to the ACLU.

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