Friday, March 17, 2006


ARCHIMEDIA's web site is a repository of the ideas, films and writings of this extraordinary collaboration between husband and wife team Molly Hankwitz & David Cox.

ACHIMEDIA is a research and design collective examining the overlap between media, architecture and public space. We are influenced by the Situationist International and the British design group, Archigram among others. ARCHiMEDIA is the combination of architecture and media. We investigate the margins of media culture and examine the detritus of media and urban history as it relates to architecture. Our media archeological project seeks to identify the ways in which urban life is being affected by, and in turn affecting, the way media are used. In our digital, wireless, connected world, there seems to be few opportunities to study the juggernaut of digital changes. ARCHiMEDIA sets itself the task of theorizing, conceptualising and proposing ideas for urban space which utilize media in all their forms. Screens, interfaces, urban designs, kiosks, microtechnologies; and alternative modes of thinking for shelter, street life and other aspects of life in the modern city.


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